A3 Foresight Program CarboEastAsia



All data concerning to A3 CarboEastAsia scientific research activities will be provided to members from this data base. First you need to read and agree the data policy before downloading data.

A3 CarboEastAsia Data policy for A3 database (A3-DB)

Data user and accessibility

  1. All contents in the dataset are copyrighted to the individual data provider unless stated otherwise.
  2. Users of A3-DB are limited to the A3 program members who have submitted proposals to A3 Principal Investigators (PIs) and had them accepted. The users have to agree and abide by the Fair-use policy stated below.

Fair-use policy
Users of A3-DB have to agree to the following Fair-use policy before any work on the data is done.

  1. Any distribution of obtained datasets to the third person for any use whatsoever is strictly prohibited.
  2. Datasets in A3-DB can be used only for the purpose of researches which were proposed to and accepted by the A3 program PIs.
  3. Datasets in A3-DB can be used during A3 program (until 31 July 2014).
  4. For any publication using data from A3-DB, the data provider must be informed and his/her approval must be obtained prior to publishing.
  5. All data users are required to acknowledge A3-DB. For example,

ChinaFlux data:

"We thank ChinaFLUX and [the Changbai Mountain flux site] for providing [flux] and [meteorological data]". (The site name and types of data in the brackets [ ] should be changed as appropriate.

JapanFlux data:

"The JapanFlux data sets were produced by the support from A3 Foresight Program of JSPS."

KoFlux data:

"The KoFlux data were produced by the support from A3 Foresight Program of National Research Foundation and a grant (Code: 1-8-3) from Sustainable Water Resource Research Center of 21st Century Frontier Research Program of Korea."

  1. The data providers are entitled as a co-author of publication in which his/her dataset is used.
  2. A3 participants are encouraged to join as co-authors by making significant contribution to the paper.
  3. All data users are required to provide reprints of paper/article to the data provider and to the program PIs immediately after the publication.

Data format and notes for data providers

  1. The A3-DB are ranked in three quality levels: 1) raw data (After QC/QA, usually 30-min or 1 hr averaged data), 2) data gap-filled by data providers using their preferred data-processing methods, and 3) data gap-filled by the uniform method prepared and approved by A3 community.
  2. The same data format used in AsiaFlux DB (http://ww.asiaflux.net/datasubmit.html) is preferable.
  3. QC/QA to meteorology data should be done before providing dataset. Gap-filling of key meteorological variables such as incoming short-wave radiation (or incoming PPFD), air temperature and relative humidity (or VPD) is desired on a mandatory basis.
  4. QC/QA to flux data should be done before providing dataset, except for u* correction and gap-filling. Applied QC/QA procedures should be documented.
  5. It is preferable that gap-filled flux data with documentation of the procedure are also submitted.

TBD: On-line gap-filling procedure (http://www.bgc-jena.mpg.de/bgc-mdi/html/eddyproc/index.html) can be applied to the data if appropriate.