A3 Foresight Program CarboEastAsia


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Access to Data

To obtain data sets you want, look at the "Distribution" field of the following table to find out where they are located.

"AsiaFlux DB" means that the data are available from AsiaFlux Database. Become an AsiaFlux member and obtain AsiaFlux DB user ID. It's free and open to anyone.

"CarboEastAsia" means that the datasets are only accessible by CarboEastAsia program members*. If you are a CarboEastAsia member, log in to the member's area on this web site using your member account, and download the datasets.

To learn how ot obtain AsiaFlux Database ID and Password, click here and go to AsiaFlux web site.

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To access CarboEastAsia-member-only datasets, login to the member's area on this web site.

*CarboEastAsia membership is only available to the registered research collaborators.

Site Name Site code Country Ecosystem Type Available Data Years Distribution
Changbaishan CBS China forest 2003-2005 CarboEastAsia
Qianyanzhou QYZ China forest 2003-2004 CarboEastAsia
Tibet THB(HBG) China grassland 2003-2004 CarboEastAsia
Xishungbanna BNS China forest 2003-2005 CarboEastAsia
Yucheng YCS China agriculture 2003-2005 CarboEastAsia
Laoshan LSH China forest 2002 AsiaFlux DB
Qinghai Flux Research Site QHB China grassland 2002-2004 AsiaFlux DB
Bukit Soeharto BKS Indonesia forest 2001-2002 AsiaFlux DB
Palangkaraya drained forest PDF Indonesia forest 2002-2005 AsiaFlux DB
CC-LaG experiment site TSE Japan forest 2001-2002, 2004-2005 AsiaFlux DB
Fujiyoshida forest meteorology research site FJY Japan forest 2000 AsiaFlux DB
Mase paddy flux site MSE Japan paddy 2001-2003 AsiaFlux DB
Mase paddy flux site MSE Japan paddy 2004-2005 CarboEastAsia
Moshiri Birch Forest MBF Japan forest 2003-2005 AsiaFlux DB
Moshiri Mixed Forest MMF Japan forest 2003-2005 AsiaFlux DB
Seto Mixed forest Site SMF Japan forest 2002-2005 AsiaFlux DB
Takayama coniferous forest site TKC Japan forest 2007 ???
Takayama deciduous forest site TKY Japan forest 1998-2007 AsiaFlux DB
Tomakomai Flux Research Site TMK Japan forest 2001-2003 AsiaFlux DB
Sakai City Office SAC Japan Urban 2009 CarboEastAsia
KoFlux Gwangneung Supersite GDK Korea forest 2004-2007 AsiaFlux DB
KoFlux Haenam site HFK Korea agriculture 2004-2006 AsiaFlux DB
Kherlenbayan Ulaan KBU Mongolia grassland 2003-2008 AsiaFlux DB
Southern Khentei Taiga SKT Mongolia forest 2003-2006 AsiaFlux DB
Tura TUR Russia forest 2004 AsiaFlux DB
Yakutsk Larch Forest YLF Russia forest 2003-2004 AsiaFlux DB
Yakutsk Pine Forest YPF Russia forest 2004 AsiaFlux DB
Mae Klong MKL Thailand forest 2003-2004 AsiaFlux DB
Sakaerat SKR Thailand forest 2001-2003 AsiaFlux DB